Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brand New Day

The following blog post was written by Wash, to be published;

After nealy stopping viewing any polarizing media, I'd withdrawn from the world. I was beginning to dispair a little over the state of my species and being denied the chance to make whatever positive change I could. I'm no egoist, thinking I'm able to severely adjust the course of events. Maybe nudge things a certain way, but not shift it. I dislike the vitriol that often fills the internet and media. Polarization in the Government paralyses it into impotence. To watch my fate riding on fillibusters and joint-bills is heartrending to say the least. Is it selfish? Certainly so. I find my care cut part by part, and I hope to keep my health, tenuous as it is, to avoid relying on unreliable healthcare.

So those who read and felt moved to read Tashi's blog, I thank you for the time you spent with us through our story, our continuing mission, to seek out new life and new civ- that's not right. You read it. And I hope it touched you somewhere, to see what it really means when "the system is broken" is brought up in the endless Healthcare debate. My gratitude for taking time out of your life to experience ours.

For those of you who have felt so moved as to donate or give, we're gracious beyond words. It really makes me believe that there's more good on the internet and in the US than I had believed. If the world was filled with more people like you, it would all be a better place where the bueraucratic disasters could be kept to a minimum.

Thank you all for even taking time out to spending any attention on us.

I cannot go through all of these trials without my dear Tashi. Honestly, there are thousands of little things she's done I can't either remember, or don't see, and I try to thank her as much as I can. I read and I see some things, but there isn't enough paper for me to list all she's done. She barely illustrated the haziest fraction of everything she goes through day after day in her blog. She's the best better half I could ask for and then some. So thank you for helping her out in what ways you have, so she can help me. Thank you!

This morning I watched my wife beaming as we bought books for the first time in 9 months. We're finally feeling comfortable enough to walk into a store and not worry about whether this would be the only time we get to do something beyond survival mode this year. We've come closer to the feeling of newlyweds. One of the best parts every day is waking up next to my wife. All this happens because of what all of you, collectively, have done.

I'm glad to have that comfort, too, and it makes me fret less when we're planning for the future. We both are looking forward to the Wild West SteamCon, and taking weekends away with friends. The big things are nice, but I like the little ones, too.

What I've learned:

Enjoy life. Relish those tiny moments that happen, where you feel warm and comfortable. You can never have too many moments. It's always shorter than you thought it'd be.


  1. After the first time I found this blog, from Jez, I can't not care. I think of you guys randomly, while I am doing other things.. I wonder how Wash and Tashi are, today? I hear something about Arizona (my hubs' is from there and his mom and his brothers' families still are), and I think, wonder what Tashi makes of this...

    I am with you in spirit. I visualize happy times... I hope that helps.

  2. Well said, Wash. Sending you guys some love from the 'Burgh.

  3. Wash, thank you for your awesome note! And wow, I think you hit the nail on the head with these words:

    Enjoy life. Relish those tiny moments that happen, where you feel warm and comfortable. You can never have too many moments. It's always shorter than you thought it'd be.

    It really is about those tiny moments. Those are the moments to live for and to cherish. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. Awesome post, Wash! It was an amazing mix of heart-felt eloquence. Now, for those of us who have taken a vested interest in your happiness... please let us know before you and Tashi get sucked down into such black despair again. I didn't help much, but I can do it again... and again...

  5. It's good to "hear" your voice and know that you are having some fun and looking forward. Steamcon sounds like just the ticket! And as an avid reader myself, don't ever discount the wonders that can be found at the library. Free books and movies and CDs!!!! (I'm looking at my stack right now) Always holding both of you in the light.

  6. Love your post Wash. You both are in my thoughts.