Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

Ah Saturday- you bastard. I am going to be stuck inside on the coolest May 1st we've had in years. Dick.

I'm still sick. Having uncontrollable nosebleeds that began a day or so ago. This gives me quite awful headaches and I've had balance issues too.

Plus, my asthma does not help any. If my breathing gets worse I'm going to the ER today.

Wash is doing a pretty darn good job taking care of me. He tries his best, and does what he can. He loves me, I know.
But I need to be better to take care of him.

He's been working on an assignment to keep his brain active and healthy- he is building a little robot to pick up a ball and then set it down again.
This means for the past two days my bed has been filled with legos/robot parts/batteries/wheels.
The kitteh loves this all; except when we take the parts back from her mouth. I swear, that little kitten loves to eat weird things. Bottle caps, rubber bands, condoms, fruit wrappers, anything made from cellophane...

Still no word from ******. I'm trying not to be upset over this. I have many wonderful people in my life who are willing to take that role. Who want to support me and help me. Who understand that I love my husband.
I'm trying to rationalize away hurt. Can't really be done.

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