Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wynds and See's

Sunday night with Wash, me, a sleepy kitteh cuddled up with a sock, and Stephen Hawking on the telly.
Good times.

A fairly good day overall, probably the best I have felt in a full week.

Sadly, I burned myself last night on my left palm- a second degree one. Covered it up with layers of aloe vera and lidocane. It's actually not too bad today; I can bend my hand and as long as there is no direct pressure on the burn it does not hurt. However it looks like I will have a scar about the size of cherry pit on my palm.
Won't be the first or last.

Wash got a game in of 40K. It taxed him a lot. I say this as he got extremely forgetful about things today and has had an off sense of time since he woke up. To him the world is "running slow" today- he thinks time is much slower than it really is, he could perceive several hours as just maybe 2 or so.
It was hard to drag him from bed this am.

I sold some more herb at the Farmer's Market across the street; I picked and harvested, Wash took them over for sale.
It's really not a bad return rate. So far from my oregano alone I have now earned back the cost of the original plant, a few more weeks and honestly I'd say in a year we've recouped the initial investment from our garden.
Victory Gardens for all.
I started my first VG in 2006 and have had one since at each of my various homes where I have lived. They were mandated during WWII and I can see why; it's a great way to help ease the burden of buying food, it helps bring more fresh produce into the everyday diet, and it free's up government subsidized food for the needed market- soldiers or our own needy at home. I highly encourage everyone to do it if they can.

Wash's robot comes along well. I think he spent some time on it today earlier.

I've only had two nosebleeds today and both were this am- none since. Which is good as I hate being this constantly lightheaded. Suckage.

I'm hoping next week to make it to church. Would be nice.
There's so much to do and going on this week. I worry. There's so much to go wrong. There's a lot at stake. There's much to gain too. Lots of fighting and it's dirty debate no holds bar style that will put my own life and perhaps Wash's at stake. We will get through. I will.

Banish the dark thoughts from my head tonight. Banish the heinous visions.

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