Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too much free time

Tashi;More probable good news! New Times reporter talked to her editor and they want to make us a feature/front page story in June! More interviews to come, photogs etc. Let me know if you want to speak to the reporter on our behalf. Man, who wants to write into TLC to get us our own show? "The Cancer Couple?"


What would the TLC show involve, do you think?


Living with cameramen. Though we'd have to make our outings much more interesting. Think I'll leave the "Bungee Jumping" episode proposal to the producer.

Gretchen: love it...

Tashi: lookin' for a sperm donor? Reality show style? 'Rent My Uterus'? Um, Life with No Hair-style!

I could go on all day with these.

Tashi; Gretchen; dude if you, Mel, and Liam moved into a giant house with us it'd be the PERFECT TLC show!

Gretchen:AAAHHHAHHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAH that would be the BEST show ever. It could be a Gardening/Basic Human Rights show.

Denise:This is a really important story to get out to Americans. This is one of the very big reasons that we need health care reform. And most people don't realize it until something happens to them.

Kevin; Not while I've still voice, not while someone will listen. I'll even sink to a reality competition:: "Father My Baby!" snrk!

Ohhhh, I even have the catchphrase when we have to eliminate someone: "You... will not be the father!"

Tashi; I request we move into the same neighbourhood as Ed Begley and Bill Nye.

Kevin;And they compete to build all five of us the greenest house...


Gretchen;Good Choice! Bill Nye could donate sperm to us both. We'd have smart, albeit funny-looking, children...


Tashi; Ok, since TLC does love doing shows that work in the “TLC” I’m thinking; Two, Lesbians, and Child, The Living Couple, Two Living with Cancer, Traumatic Life Changes, Trying to Live Crazy, Twenty-somethings Living to Challenge…. I need a job. I could go on.

Denise:You all are so funny!

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