Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Dealing with a lot of shite lately, which without medication is making life quite unbearable.
Wash looked up some withdrawal effects of my meds; seizures, migraines, irritability, insomnia, nausea etc.... it's no fun. At all.
So imagine my excitement when I find a program through the drug manufacturer that allows for people with no insurance (me!) to get them for only low-co pay cost! Hoorah! And you can pick up 2 months the same day as you enroll! Double huzzah!
... fine print... must be filled out and sent in with follow up by my doctor.
The doctor I ceased to have when my insurance was cancelled on March 31st. Frak.

I also found out that though Social Security tells Wash they want to know if I work more or less (us) they negate to actually inform us how to do so. No where on his paperwork, no where on their web-site. So... dead end there too.

I applied for unemployment today. I'm expecting a volume of paperwork from them by next week to return by me so I can maybe get some funds coming in. Maybe.

Also I have exactly 5 days in which to re-file my food stamp application ; it must be done between those dates only, and I am terrified 5 days is ample time for them to frak it all up on their end. The only good thing is that due to me not working anymore - well, technically. I consider the 18 hour days caretaking as work but since I'm not paid to keep Wash alive I'm "unemployed". So, sorry, as I was going on, the nifty little state DES widget informed me we could actually get around $340/month in food stamps once they do the renewal and note I'm not receiving any income.
Small small bit of maybe good news. Come next week we shall see.

Voting today! Vote, vote vote! I'm taking Wash down to vote too.

Aside from that I got the clothesline installed for the summer the other day and the new seedlings have started coming up; beans, peas, herbs, corn, broccoli. I also harvested some cherry tomatoes the other day. Basil is looking and tasting great these days too. And enough mint I am going to pick and sell some off this weekend. Good times in my garden.

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