Thursday, August 30, 2012


Our friend Salvatore* arrived yesterday/this am with his mum to help out for a few days.
The boys are bonding well and I managed to get two great, solid naps today.

I think this is the start of a good thing.


  1. yaay for naps and laughs and laser eyed kitties :P <3

  2. In addition to Aelphie's being a "laser-eyed kitty," (i.e., as noticed by Bethb4, Above!!), for just a second, I also thought that Aelphie was............ stickin' her *tongue* out for the camera, (haha!!) However, it's simply the space on your (R) ring finger, Tashi............ (between your ring and your middle knuckle)............ that's showing beneath Aelphie's chin, though!!

    'Hope you & Wash and your *w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.* friend Salvatore* & his mum are all having a ~ (nice/caring/comforting/therapeutic) ~ Labor Day Weekend together!!