Friday, August 3, 2012

Heard back from doc: incomplete fracture of rt 5th metatarsal. Boot/walking "cast" for me! Staying off my poor injured feet. Not the "break" I meant, universe!


  1. I'm so, so sorry, Tashi, about your incomplete fracture of your (R) 5th metatarsal............ along with the previous (July 10th) hairline fracture of one of your (L) toes, too!!

    Hopefully, Wash's Hospice Nurse has already arranged (or will arrange) for Housekeeping Services----(just as part of their standard array of Routine Hospice Services)----for you & Wash in your townhouse, because it sure sounds like you could genuinely/legitimately ~ *u.s.e. i.t.* ~ now, i.e., as Wash's poor, injured, Primary Caregiver.

    'Just returned today from a week's visit with my elderly parents and the rest of my family, but never a day passed............ (i.e., not a *single* day!!)............ during which I didn't think of you & Wash while we were away.

    {{{*Hugs*}}} and prayers to you & Wash both -

  2. Ouch. Big time ouch. What Rosanna said.