Saturday, August 4, 2012

Foot info

So, some good news from all of this is that we do have extra help, ALTCS [part of Wash's AHCCCS insurance] is covering 8 hours per day for at least a full week, and depending on how I'm doing and what my doc says by the end of the week it could go on, he has the option then for Respite care outside our home, or I might be able to go back to doing most things by myself. Not really sure at this moment, but I made myself and Wash promise not to talk about that until after his birthday, just so I can get through the next few days with less distractions.

I did hear back from my doctor yesterday. She sent my x-rays off to a separate radiologist to check it out. My break is an abnormal one, an incomplete fracture of my 5th metatarsal on the right foot. The swelling continues each day even though I have a "soft cast" wrapping on it for the weekend. My ankle is also turning purple/black. My lovely blue iris foot tattoo is all misshapen from the swelling and miscoloured from the bruising.

It hurts, but the doctors are right and it won't heal if I don't keep to my bedrest and stay off it.

My left foot is still technically "broken". I broke it 3 weeks ago, and tried to push it this week, like I was back to normal. I tried to do too much, carry too much weight, make too many trips in one. So, I guess I should not be that surprised that my left foot gave way under all that stress; my foot gave out and I fell with all my weight and the trash on top of my right onto my right side foot hitting the concrete sidewalk.
I'm quite happy that I had a follow up already scheduled this week, so I got to go right in and have my doc give me x-rays instead of a more expensive and long ER trip. Wash was worried and did want me to go to the ER, but it was about 6pm and there was no one to look after him. My doc says seeing me before 24 hours was up was just fine, and as it was not a compound fracture I did not do any additional damage by waiting a few more hours to see my own doc to check my foot.

So, since it is broken, I will have a harder "cast" type of thing put on my foot and I'll have a 'walking cast' type boot [DAS BOOT] to use with my crutches for at least 4 weeks. Knowing my history and my doctors, they might tell me 6 weeks to make sure I don't break anything else/re-break it.
I have a follow up x-ray at 3 weeks to check the healing and make sure it's correcting on it's own/ that I won't need surgery. At this point, it does not look like I will need any surgery, but the doctor can't guarantee it, and a part is on me to make sure I am being medically compliant.

Wash did most of Helm's Deep LEGO set this week, and I did an Orc/ Uruk-Hai kit last night to complete it. He's out of "new"/un-built sets right now, so I'm not sure if he will be playing with them, mixing the LEGO sets with his Warhammer 40K stuff, or if he'll disassemble it to rebuild.
I had my mum get him the 6th Ed Rulebook for Warhammer that came out this summer for his birthday.
There is something I want to get him, but it's going to be complicated to do without getting out of the house. Maybe I'll have a chance Sunday before his birthday. I am not certain yet if we're having some friends over tomorrow. We're doing Tacos on Monday though for his birthday. It will be a nice low-key thing with my family.

I'm including pics of my feet because I'm weird like that and I like to share my pain.

That's about all I can remember for now. Thank you all Dear Readers, for being so kind and supportive during this. My own brain is guilting me up bad, but my brain can suck it sometimes. I'm doing my best giving him care 7 days a week (outside of my 9 hours per week as "break") and I my body can only give so much for so long before it tells me to slow down.

I'm off my feet. I'm slowed.


  1. That is one swollen foot! And the bruising below your ankle is a very pretty shade of 'Uh-oh, damage has been done' too.

    Aunty Stacey says to listen to your docs and DON'T PUSH YOURSELF!

    (Can you call on someone else to pick up the birthday gift you want to get?)

  2. Oh honey - that's quite an owie! Makes my ankle hhurt (double spiral fracture in 2009)!! Mine was very colorful too....and I took photos too.

  3. Poor foot!

    I'm glad you were able to get some outside help in. Now the challenge will be for you to let them help.

  4. Looking at these pictures of your poor, swollen, discolored, and fractured feet, I know how exquisitely-painful it is for you to even try to bear any weight on your feet (in their ~ a.w.f.u.l. ~ condition!!)............ which is actually not medically-advisable for you, right now, anyway.

    I'm just so, so sorry that these two fractures of your feet happened, but it's not entirely your fault, Tashi, i.e., these were simply two accidents which............ (given the fact that you're fervently trying to do The Best You Can in caring for Wash)............ can genuinely happen to ANY of us, (even to me, too), i.e., under similar, extraordinarily-stressful circumstances, you know.

    {{{*Hugs*}}} and Get Well Wishes to you!!