Thursday, August 2, 2012


Please no "I informed you thusly"; I feel bad enough mentally and physically.
Rewind approx 3 weeks; Doctor, "Now, Tashi, stay off your foot as much as possible, don't do extra things, don't carry extra weight, wear the right shoes...."

Decided to try to take out the trash and recycle garbage last night. My broken (left) side would not hold me up and the bags of trash and I fell with my right foot onto concrete.
It's swollen beyond belief and I can barely limp now. I'm seeing my doctor this afternoon. It might NOT be broken, but it very very well could be. I might end up with a walking cast of some kind just so I don't re-break or break anything new. I feel awful; mentally. My foot hurts, but my brain is telling me I'm awful for not listening to my doctor and still trying to do everything. If I don't, who will? Right now, it's me or no one.

Caregiving Failure.


  1. Oh no. Is respite care a possibility while you're recovering?

  2. Oh no you are not a caregiving failure. You are an amazing woman taking care of your very sick husband while you yourself are injured. Don't berate yourself. Praying for healing for your entire body and comfort and peace to you and Wash.

  3. Most certainly NOT a caregiving failure! I'm very sorry if my note before, saying "if it hurts when..." made you feel worse. I didn't intend that! I forget that things my family says to each other in jest don't always translate well in print. Humble apologies and gentle *hugs* to you, Tashi, a woman who's one of the bravest people I "know"...

  4. Oh dear, that sucks, hope you get to feel and get better soon. Let me know if I can help with anything you are not allowed to do while recovering.

  5. Caregiving saint, actually.

    It's probably very hard for you, but could you try to let some things go?

    And might hospice, under these circumstances, possibly help you with some of the physical household stuff?

    Right now, do all you can to save yourself for your private journey with Wash. Everything else will wait.

    You are amazing. Let yourself recognize how much your love is giving in this time. And give yourself a little hug, a little rest, a little appreciation - all that is coming to you from your readers, let yourself feel it.

  6. Hi Tashi,

    I have followed this for a long time. Ditto comments above. My name is Mary, I'm a nurse just moved here from Iowa and am looking for RN position. I'm in the Gilbert/Mesa area- not to far from you. I'm not applying for a nursing job- I'm offering some help is all- and who knows, we may get along. My e-mail account is: . If you contact me we could get to know each other better, I hesitate giving my phone number here for all to see. If you feel comfortable and want to meet I could do some grocery shopping, errands, cook you a meal/meals- bake you some bread, or take out the garbage. Or we could play Lego's. I have an extensive DVD movie collection I brought to Arizona, and we could also watch a movie sometime. Care-taking is just hell, being care taken is tough as well. If you e-mail me and want to talk I'll make some time for you both. Hope to hear from you. Mary

  7. Poor Tashi! Poor foot! Not a fail at all. The Fail Whale is sailing past your port. Sending you peaceful thoughts.

  8. Tashi, I'm so sorry about your poor foot! Please, don't blame yourself for being human. What you're doing right now is super-human anyway.

    I don't know if you've had home health aides come in but now might be a good time to start asking for it. Or contact a couple of churches and ask for help. There are folks who genuinely enjoy going out to lend a hand without trying to convert you to Zoroastrianism.

    Take care of you, too.