Sunday, August 19, 2012

Frak Cancer kind of day

Every day when he wakes up it is a new challenge.

Lately he just forgets he has cancer, he is sick, he needs help.
He tries to do things, most of the time just making a bigger mess or destroying what he thinks he is "fixing".

He thinks he has a job. He can't remember what he does though.
He thinks he is starting school soon; he's not.

It takes 30-90 minutes for him to really notice and remember what is different, what is changed now.
To get him to agree to take his medications...
He feels horrible without them, but his brain doesn't always remember he is sick, or that he feels better with meds. It takes time for him to recall and that time is excruciating to wait for him to take his meds and feel better.

Mornings are pretty awful these days.


  1. The repercussions for poor Wash----(and for you, too, Tashi)----caused by his brain not remembering are just A.W.F.U.L. When they talk about "The Agony Of Not Remembering"............ this (i.e., how Wash is lately, every day when he wakes up)............ is *it*, indeed.

    Every hour, our thoughts and prayers are with you both -

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