Friday, August 17, 2012


Short update, I'm hoping to be back to write this afternoon.

It's rained twice this week! Not enough though to save my garden; only some of my wild Basil is still alive. It's been too hot, too sunny since we lost a neighbour's shade tree, and with my broken feet I have not been able to get out to water it myself.

I'm not sure if it's relate to the weather, but Wash's pain has been increasing almost every day now. It really started to get bad about two weeks ago and now it's every hour or two that he needs meds to keep him going.
When he's not in pain, he's able to enjoy reading his LEGO building books (thank you Mark and Dayna) or to build/play with his LEGO sets.
He's been watching some older series too, things he says he can't remember anymore. His short term memory is declining as well. He needs a lot more help with the little daily things, and many many more reminders.

I have to be patient with him, and I'm not always. I could be better.

My foot is still quite sore and bruised from falling again this week. Gorram cats. I don't think I broke anything new; there's no new swelling. I'm getting another x-ray in about two weeks, so unless it gets worse I'll just wait. I'm trying to keep off it as much as I can and DAS BOOT it up if I have to stand or move about.

We had another Eval or two and Wash has gotten to the point where we will have a daily Aide coming over now to help. As of this month (or, the next 2-4 weeks unless it needs to change) we'll have an aide here now daily for 3-4 hours. That will help with some of the daily house needs, at least one meal that someone else can prep for him, and give me some time every single day to rest myself, a novel concept.

Wash also gave the "It's not you, it's me" speech to the (awful) Medical Social Worker. Hopefully we can get a new one (been trying for months) but at the very very least the MSW is aware now that we need someone who can take or return our calls, doesn't take vacation days in the middle of the week or take holidays without telling the clients (us), listens to Wash etc. Tried to be clear that it was not a "you are at fault" situation, but more that the MSW is not meeting Wash's NEEDS, and we need someone who can.
I am hopeful at this point.
The MSW is also working on a grief counselor for Wash too. He really needs to talk to someone, he's so scared of the next phase to come.

Let's see. Our main school in the big tank of danios is down to 2 males. We had 6 one day and one died. I took the dead one out and the next day instead of 4 fish, there were only 2. I never recovered the other bodies. Cannibal fish or a smart wet-pawed Leto, methinks.
However, before the massive die off, I did recover some fry. We have 3 fry in the baby tank now slowly growing into big fish! Can't tell their colours yet, but they will develop as they grow.

My mum helped out a bunch this week and did errands for me, so we have groceries and mail and bills paid. Hurrah! (Step) Dad made Shepherd's pie for Tuesday Dinner night this week; the leftovers might make it to tomorrow even! It's so good it rarely makes it more than a few days before someone in this house eats the leftovers.

Wash and I continue to thank everyone who keeps sending in Lego sets. He plays and builds them. Speaking of thanks, I need to get to work on his birthday thank you notes. Obviously he cannot do them anymore, so it's just another task that falls to me.

I can't even recall what else I wanted to write about. I've been trying to get some of my own rest and recovery in, and doing a lot of watching him and trying to treat his pain. Some days/nights he refuses his medication; sometimes just a couple hours, sometimes longer. He just gets so agitated and then confused and his confusion blocks him from being able to take meds, or calm down.
Brain cancer is pretty fucking awful.

I'll have more later. We're both still here, still alive.


  1. Hang in there! Hoping you all have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks for the update Tashi. Im glad your mom and her husband hrlped with errands this week. Love to you and wash <3