Sunday, March 24, 2013

Veni domum

I was gone this weekend out to Gold Canyon for the wedding of two of Wash's fraternity brothers.

It was beautiful and moving beyond words I have right now. I'll process some and write more.

It was also my first wedding I've been to alone/without a partner/ since Wash passed.
So, a lot of emotions.

I had a really good session for about 3 hours on Fri morning with Hospice grief services. It was helpful in many ways, and I have some reading resources to explore, and I'll have a standing appointment either weekly or bi-weekly. Which, again, is better than anything AHCCCS provides.

So, I thankfully have a few new tools to help me process some of my emotions from this weekend.

Thank you all. I'll catch you up in a bit.


  1. Very glad to hear that Hospice was helpful, Tashi, they've been so good for so many people I know who are grieving.

  2. I am so glad you are working with Hospice.

    My mom just died in January and it was very traumatic. She did not have a peaceful, comfortable end and I am struggling with memories of her last weeks.

    We did not have advanced warning of how sick she was (two kinds of bone marrow cancer) and so did not have her on hospice care. Nonetheless, hospice has welcomed me and is helping me out while I deal with all the aftermath of mom's last time on earth.

    Hospice rocks.