Monday, February 20, 2012

Wash's parents were supposed to come in and spend this week visiting him /spending time with Wash / helping give me some Respite time.

They cannot come.
Kind of waited very last minute to tell us.

Rationally I can completely understand it.

Emotionally? Like my husband I am beyond crushed. "Disappointed" is a light term. He wanted and needed this time with them.
We don't know how healthy or mentally aware he will be the next time they decide they can come.
I had to clear my entire schedule this week, now I am scrambling to fill it in.
Yes, I was looking forward to a little Respite too while they had a chance to bond.

Wash is just sitting on the bed hunched over and cuddling his teddy-bear, Hoban.
Fuck bad news days like today.

Life has been SO GORRAM unfair to him, I hate days like this.


  1. Although I'm sure there's a legitimate reason why Wash's parents genuinely couldn't come to visit this week, I'm also just (empathetically) disappointed and sorry, too, (i.e., since both of you were really looking forward to their visit).

    'Sending comforting thoughts and (((*hugs*))) across the miles to you & Wash, Tashi............

  2. I'm so sorry this had to happen to you and Wash. I can only imagine getting your hopes up-then the unfortunate let-down. Are his parents going to be able to reschedule their visit? (I hope)

    I just wish there was something that we all could do to help. IS there anything we could do to help?