Sunday, October 9, 2011


Boy howdy, today! The wedding in the afternoon was super lovely, it was everything afterwards that almost killed us. Got lost once heading back home, then heading to the freeway we get rear-ended by someone while stopped at a red. No damage to the humans, minimal car damage. About 30 miles down the road about to get on the freeway home and my front drivers' side tire blows out on the ramp. I manage to get the car safely to the small shoulder, tire shredded. An hour later AAA came (guy just got off duty noticed we had a medical tag on our file and decided to help the sickies, yay!) and frightened me even more by telling me what he sees on that stretch is people who either tip and roll on the ramp or those who go off it and don't come back. Basically if the tire had lasted another 30 feet we both might be dead. 2 hours after that my parents came and got us and brought us back to the valley (home) [natch, yay for them]. So, almost 7 hours after heading out from the wedding we are home. Gorram. My car luck needs to change.

Short version. Longer to come.

Wash was late (sadly/of course) with his anti-seizure meds tonight. I'm worried if this will effect him and night seizures tonight. It was a hard day for him too. Physically he just shouldn't have to be in those situations anymore. It's too dangerous.

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  1. Holy crap, I'm glad you're okay! With everything else you two have to deal with, I would have thought you''d already used up several lifetimes' worth of bad luck. It's way past time that only GOOD things should start happening for you....