Sunday, October 30, 2011


The photos did not load quite right, but you'll get the basic idea.
So since we got together Wash and I have wanted to do something, anything, for Halloween. Every year we've been unable, so this year I decided to make sure we did it up right.
I cleaned our door and we both worked on our "TARDIS Makeover". I think it's quite keen.
We had a small birthday/halloween party for me this evening with a few good friends and some awesome costumes. The photos did not turn out real well though, Wash had the setting wrong. However, we did have another friend taking pictures as well, so those photo copies should be good.
There was a Wyld Hipster, 2 gals lost from the 1980's, Hello Kitty, Billy Mays, "John Dough" (the 'bad guy' driver from every race movie), and I dressed as a rigid airship Captain. All in all it was a great evening, we watched some halloween episodes of Buffy and "Hush" and "The Walking Dead". Some scares, good treats, and my birthday pumpkin pie!
Yes, it was fucking delicious.
Wash ended up literally spilling his all over his black suit. He got an extra piece of pie when he changed (he decided to go as the lawyer from Jurassic Park, right down to the socks) and we all had a good laugh. I've just got to get to the dry cleaner's now, but it's kind of nice, this would be the first time I've ever had to clean my husband's suit, and thankfully it's not for his funeral!
Just spilled pie!

We go back to the hospital tomorrow to find out his MRI results. Since they did not call us this weekend I'm assuming it's not urgently life threatening. I'm hoping hard for the best case.
Right now I'm trying to give him the best and most normal time I can. I honestly think that is the best I can do for him, to give him, to make him happy. We don't know what good or terrible news tomorrow will bring, but for tonight we got to just be a couple, dressing up, laughing with friend. We got to laugh, to smile, to joke, and to cuddle. I allowed myself to just enjoy the time and enjoy the company without trying to second guess myself too much; my thanks back to my love for helping with today was to enjoy myself and let him and my friends see that.
Damn fine pie at a damn fine birthday party.

And if Wash feels up to it tomorrow we'll stop by Goodwill and I can check for a skirt that would wear nice in Rio.

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  1. The front door of your townhouse seems like it was "made" for a TARDIS Makeover ............ *delightfully* clever, and also genuinely quaint/moody at night, i.e., with your illuminated pumpkin, too!!