Monday, October 3, 2011


So, had some questions answered today. Good news first no new signs of tumors or dead tissue in Wash's brain. So he still has cancer, but remains stable without tumors. For GBM cancer at 23 months, that's amazing. Bad news is his doc thinks part of his odd behaviour is because he has been having seizures again at night. It fits his change in the past few weeks and his meds. So, he's getting his medicine changed around again and now I just have to worry about him seizing in the night and having a stroke or dying. Which, hopefully won't happen but for him to be having seizure activity again with no tumor is not good for his brain. It's just putting it through more trauma- which explains why he was waking some mornings not knowing who he was and feeling off.
It's good with bad, but it's not the worst news we could have heard.

It's just another notch up on the amount of care he needs 24/7 I suppose.

Been up and at the hospital since 6am. I will need a nap today.

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