Saturday, October 29, 2011

Emergency Files

Wash has not been 'himself' for a week.
He saw his PCP on Monday.

I took him to his Neurologist on Friday. She ordered an urgent MRI for today, Saturday.
Wash has been scanned, but no news back yet.
Today he also has developed a slight weakness and limp towards his right side.

It's only been 4 weeks since his last scan. That is such a short time, and for a tumor to grow, such a long time as well.

He is being monitored right now and probably for the rest of the weekend, but has not yet been admitted to the hospital. We should hear news on the MRI on Monday.

My updates will most likely be brief right now. If you know me personally texting will be the quickest way to reach me for the time being.

And if any of you Dear Readers want to send Wash (or us) good thoughts, wishes, or prayers we will take every one.


  1. Oh, Tashi. Good thoughts, wishes, prayers, AND ~ (((*hugs*))) ~ ............ always, always ............ to Wash & to you from me and Jack.

  2. Good thoughts heading your way. Thinking of you and Wash...

  3. Good thoughts for the both of you.