Friday, October 21, 2011

Short takes 6

I spend all week racking my brain trying to think of something for ME, something I want for my birthday. I let my mum know today, she says, "Oh, that hardly counts, think of something else."

Crap. I am really really bad at materialism.

Wash is having a tough day. Slept through 3 alarms and me trying to wake him.
I let him go downstairs to brush his teeth by himself and take his pills.
About 20 minutes later I go down to check, his pills have been taken, but his bathroom light was on as was his faucet.

He did not remember turning it on or off.

I'll write more later, he needs me this morning.

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  1. There's a unique TYPE of pain, as you know, Tashi, that women go through............ who experience the cognitive ups-and-downs, (which are physiologically-driven from neurological damage, i.e., not just elective from normal personality)............ of the man whom they love. Maybe none of us, including me, understand----(i.e., *R.E.A.L.L.Y.* understand)----that unique type of pain until we've "personally been there," though, with the man we love.

    Your write so, *so* well; and............ given the (completely-understandable!) constraints of your very busy schedule............ when you do write, the more it helps all of us TO understand, (i.e., at least to the extent that we can anyway), what you and Wash are going through. Many-many-MANY of us, for varying medical reasons, will probably be facing the same types of cognitive problems, (most-specifically in a spouse), that you're facing right now with poor Wash----and only then will we fully "know" that uniquely-crushing type of pain that you're going through, Tashi.

    Thank you, as always, for sharing. Bunches of ~ (((*hugs*))) ~ to both you and Wash from me and Jack............