Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not again.

Went out this afternoon to do our errands and spotted that sometime last night the driver's side front window was smashed.
Someone threw a rock at it. Totally broken.

Nothing stolen from the inside thankfully.

No prints. This isn't covered by the insurance.

On the up side Wash and I are working through our issues from the start of the week and the weather has finally broken this week so I've been able to get out more with him since I don't have to worry medically about him in the heat.

I keep thinking it's time for us to catch a real break. Some kind of good luck, or period of less stress. It always could be worse, but for our specific situation seems like every setback is just harder to overcome.

I'll write more later, I'm in no good place mentally right now.

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  1. Tashi, Jack and I are *so sorry* that (sometime last night), someone threw a rock at the driver's side front window of your and Wash's vehicle, totally smashing it!

    Years ago----(when Jack and I were both returning adult students in our late 20s)----we were driving Jack's widowed mother's old, lumbering, pale-cream-colored Plymouth Satellite. It was right at the very end of the Fall Semester on campus............ i.e., just a few short days before Christmas; and almost everyone had already gone home for the Holidays and Winter Break.

    In the late afternoon on the LAST day of Final Exams, Jack and I walked----(all bundled-up in our coats, gloves, scarves, and hats)----across the very windy, nearly-vacant, bitterly-cold and snow-covered Parking Lot; got into our car; and Jack tried to start the car, but it wouldn't start. We both then simultaneously noticed that the hood was ever-so-slightly up: someone had popped the hood and had stolen the battery right-out-of the car.

    I'll never forget how it felt............ i.e., sitting with Jack in a totally "dead," frozen car, in that big, nearly-vacant, windy and snow-covered Parking Lot, feeling just completely exhausted from Finals; cold-to-the-bone and hungry at the end of the day; (and, since my period had started that day, I also had terrible menstrual cramps, too), with Winter's darkness fast approaching............ and additionally feeling just thoroughly/totally BETRAYED that (most-probably) a FELLOW *STUDENT* somewhere on campus had stolen our (old!) battery from our car............ RIGHT BEFORE *CHRISTMAS*!!

    All of these years later, though, the vandalism you and Wash had done to your vehicle sometime last night............ honestly just *pains me* even MORE DEEPLY, you know.

    Sometimes when acts of random, senseless, and very destructive vandalism happen to our property, it's genuinely HARD to believe there are any GOOD people "out there" anymore in the world, Tashi............ but there still *are*, though, you know.