Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cat tails

Friday was another day he needed me. Started out with a bad morning, cursing at me not knowing who he was and all the fun shit that goes along with it.

He came back to himself and calmed down in the afternoon, but was left VERY tired and confused.

Saturday I cleaned for a bit. My mum came over and looked after Wash for a couple of hours so she could help him and me. Friday was also the 5th anniversary of her mother, my grandma, dying. Friday morning was a bad day for my mum as well. The client she caregives for passed away. She's been caring for this elderly lady for years during her illness. According to my mum and her docs she was not getting better and suffering a LOT. She went in her sleep, or at least peacefully. She's not in horrific pain anymore.
So my mum came over and had Wash help distract her.

They made me dinner. Or, I should say, my mum helped Wash create a "date night" dinner for us. She helped him prep everything and write down step-by-step on how to heat everything up and made sure he didn't sever any fingers in the kitchen.
The meal was delicious.
We watched Lord of the Rings (extended edition, Fellowship and Towers) and will probably finish Return of the King today.

I worry about my mum. She has been working since she was a teen, about 5 decades of work. She is always busy, always moving. We nicknamed her "the hummingbird" for a reason.
I worry what she will do now. She has no real 'job' right now. I worry a lot about her.

A lot scares me right now. Fears are easier to his from in the day, sometimes, but they don't go away.

........... He put the garlic bread in the shape of a heart last night. I'll post a pic later. The man loves me, that I know. It was cute.


  1. #1) Tashi, I'm so sorry that the elderly female client----(whom your mother had been caring for)----passed away, although, thankfully, the poor lady had a peaceful death in her sleep, and is now free from her terrible pain. After years of caregiving, longterm clients/patients almost become (in a way) "like family" for the caregiver, as you know from you mother's experiences.

    #2) Nowadays, the many ways that people, (out of their very legitimate emotional/physical needs), diligently cobble together "a family"............ i.e., in addition to the one(s) they already might HAVE, or as a substitute for the one(s) which they might NOT have............ is really interesting, (and also very gratifying), to me.

    I actually never thought of a Personal Blog as *ONE TYPE* of "family," but----(after again reading this famous quotation, Below)----and also thinking about how much the readers of YOUR blog care about you and love you, too, I can honestly see how YOUR blog "fits" this............ both for *you* and also for *your readers*, too:
    "Having a place to go is
    Having someone to love is
    Having both is a

    ---Donna Hedges

    #3) Oh, by the way, the only thing I'd ADD TO the (Above) quotation is this:

    "Having Garlic Bread put in the shape of a heart is

  2. My (ex) sister in law is a care giver to elderly too. She takes care of one or two at a time. It always devastates her when they go. It's known, it's expected, it's planned for.. but it is always very hard on her. I take that as a sign of how good she is at caring.

    Hugs for your mom.


    You've described a very cozy family evening.. we have the deluxe boxed sets of LOTR, and now I want to watch again! lol! :)