Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can't take the sky from me

To everyone over here from Reddit, welcome! Just so you all are aware neither myself or Wash currently or previously has had a Reddit account, but if I make one I will post my handle here as well so you have verification.

Now, for all those who have sent us your prayers, goodwill, wishes we do thank you. Every little bit helps in some way.

Monday was a day of Hope for us. Got a call from a friend that needed a last minute babysitter for his two girls, so we went over. They are 2 and 3 now and we've been watching them off and on since the baby was little so the parents could have some time. Good parents, and really adorable girls. What was surprising to me though, was Wash. He not only had energy for the few hours we were there, he was really helpful and a good sitter. We played tea party and jungle house, he got to help me feed the girls, he played hide and seek.... he was really having fun being around them. Seeing him smile and laugh, really laugh, it was payment enough for me.
He does love children, and it soothes me to see him still being happy around them. They don't judge him, or comment on the weird way his hair has grown back (no, he doesn't shave in patches, that's just how it grows after chemo and radiation) or his scars.

He spent the rest of Monday recovering, but smiling. I love to see him smile.

Tuesday brought yet another wonderful Taco Night with my parents. It's good to catch up, bond a little, and my mum can stuff Wash full of food. He's over 155lbs now steady, so 160 is his next goal. He was 180lbs of muscle when we married. When he came home from the hospital he was 129lbs. Keeping him above 150 means that if he needed to go back on chemo suddenly, he could. Though, if and when that time comes, it will be up to him more so than just his weight.

I'm hoping the juvie fish will go to a new home this week. I've decided that the fry I get from cleaning the big tank will just go to Jayne the Betta, since he loves eating live foods. Circle of Life and whatnot. It's still weird to me to feed live food to a pet, but that is my own culture making me uncomfortable, I have to remind myself that feeding fry and brine shrimp to fish is "food" not "cruel".

We have a friend coming over later today, spend some time with us, eat and maybe catch up on Dr Who with us. Wash is the one who loves to socialize, so I encourage him to, and try to keep friends coming by to see him.

It's another day of him waking up, knowing who he is and who I am. That's really all I let myself ask for, and a day that starts like that and ends with us in the same bed together is a good day. Those are really the best days I can ask for now. I don't get 30 or 50 years with my husband and best friend. But I might get 3. 3 years with him knowing my name.
Frak cancer, right now he's still my leaf on the wind.

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