Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where's Alanis?

This will be short for right now; I have a few precious hours where Wash is at the movies/lunch and I have time for ME (or at least being alone). I've already used some time for errands, so trying to just enjoy my "free" time.

*Surprise! Got a pedi today when I took my friend down to the day spa/hair place to get her toes and hair did. So I got me my toes did. There are a lovely Robin Blue and I'm really quite happy. Massage chairs helped too I think. (Yes, I am aware it is not the correct tense, I'm mocking the phrase I hear girls say when they go to the salon.)

*Spotted on the way home a big SUV with a Che Guevara decal, vanity plate LCHEGUE and the bumper sticker "Stop Youth Violence and Gangs!". Small helping of irony anyone?

*Cleaned the kitchen, washed and folded 7 loads of laundry yesterday, completely reorganized and re shelved my DVD collection (no, not the VHS yet, give me time).

*Spent a ton of time getting 2 months of paperwork ready and organized and time on the phone with AHCCCS/DES/SNAP and dear gods of Kobol above us I hope we are all set on that. I also attempted to get Wash's MediCare parts B and D done for him paperwork wise. I honestly have no idea how Seniors do it. Shit needs to change.

*Taking Wash back to the doc tomorrow; hoping he is "toxic". Right now either he has too high levels of medications/chemicals in his body and will need to be fixed (less/different pills perhaps a transfusion) OR this is just the ravages of brain cancer. I'm honestly hoping for the first, at least that can be treated.
I don't want to lose him yet. I'm not ready. Some days he really seems to be slipping away as a person, others he has personality.

*So much for the Tetras. All died. After some treatment and care (by me of course) the school of GloFish (coloured zebra danios) we have is happy and stable (ammonia =0 !) and Wash got a handsome red and blue betta fish for his 3 gal tank.
The betta we have decided to call "Jayne".
The GloFish are; Mal, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee, Inara, Book, River, and Simon
The little catfish I am still deciding on between "Tim" and "Joss".
If I get enough feedback y'all can choose which name you like better!

*Changes; we are moving Family Taco night this week. I have decided I am ready to try a group "support group" and we are planning on attending the next Brain Tumor support group at Wash's hospital this week. I'm scared and nervous. At the same time, I want to try. I want to see if I really am ready to face some of these issues.

*Thankfully I did not have to take myself to the doctor or hospital this week; managed to give myself some liquid stitches on an elbow lac I gave myself this week. Barely a half inch but man that thing frakkin' hurt for the first two days.

I will be getting back to emails hopefully tonight and hopefully a more in depth post as well.

-Leto doing his best to "help" Wash fold his socks.

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  1. Nothin' better, Tashi, than............ *COOL* (Robin's Egg) *BLUE* toes............ in your incredible 120 degrees F. Tempe HEAT!!

    'Thinking of and praying for Wash and for you............