Monday, June 13, 2011


My Kiwi (New Zealand) readers and those in the South Australia area- you have my best Hope and heart that everyone is ok and you can make it through.
Please stay safe and if any of my regular readers from down south way want to check in and leave a quick "I'm ok" .... I'd feel better.

Today's plan? Resting for me and phone calls in between. Paperwork. Hopefully I will get to my pile of Thank You notes as well.

Also plan on going out tonight and getting two little neon tetras and a small catfish for the tank. I'm quite excited. It's a nice little set-up we have for them and I am finding myself just taking time to watch the movement of the water -again even before we have fish! I am slightly hopeful right now this will help with the excess stress.

Mostly though I will be hiding indoors today due to the shit air quality outside. I'm back to asthma issues but I'm already seeing my doc this week so thankfully I will have quick help if my breathing gets worse.


  1. Your and Wash's aquarium is *pretty*, with Wash's sunken vessel Harkkonen!!

    Anne Frank said, "I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles"; and ............ (indoors, e.g., with your two cats and aquarium now; and outdoors, e.g., with your soon-to-be garden again) ............ it's just so, so true, you know.

    I think that last year was the most-stressful year, hands-down, of my life, (and that's saying a lot, haha!!); but I'm convinced that what "got me through" (in addition to deep meditation/fervent prayer) was ............ leaves. (Leaves??!!: yep!!) Out-back of our townhouse complex, lovely, fluttering (in the wind), aspen leaves, growing in a small stand along (part of) one side of our 4.7-acre "open-center" City Park. Apple-green aspen leaves in the Spring ............ forest-green aspen leaves in the Summer ............ deep, brilliant yellow aspen leaves in the Fall.

    To me, those fluttering aspen leaves were an undulating "school of fish" ............ in the sky ............ and those fluttering aspen leaves also were as calming, (amazingly!), as watching *the flow of water* in a stream ............ or as calming, (amazingly!), as watching *fish swim* in an aquarium.

  2. Reporting in from NZ. I'm ok! Thanks for thinking of us and for your good wishes.