Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Most unlikely

Trying to get Wash into the doc's this week; he's not well. He's now sleeping upwards of 20+ hours out of a 24 day cycle.
He thinks he might be a bit depressed as well; lots of bad news for him in a short time, with very little to help him adjust.
We also heard from his parents that his family dog passed last week of old age. We knew it was coming, but this had been his dog for ... 10? or more years. He was a good dog. What I love was this Border Collie's last mission- a few months ago when Pete (the dog) was outside he found a little abandoned kitty. For a few days/week he would pick up his bowl when he was fed and bring it out to the kitty in the backyard and made sure the cat ate. Eventually Wash's parent's noticed this and slowly realized that their dog had in turn, adopted his own pet! So Wash's parent's ended up with PK (Pete's Kitty) who is now the family pet. He watched the family for a long time and in the end, he left them with a new pet, a new someone. Can't beat that legacy.

I still have phone calls to make a a million pages of documents to scan and fax. Not to mention that I've been kept up late and sadly, unlike Wash I don't get to have 6 hour naps during the day.

Laundry too. And vacuuming. And I'm certain other things I am forgetting.

Op! Ok, got an appointment in with the doc for Wash today.

Time for kitteh cuddles of our own for right now.

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  1. Wow, that's an amazing story about the dog and the cat. There is good in this world!! Only wish more people would be good like this.

    Good luck with the doctor's appointment and I things turn up quickly.