Monday, June 20, 2011


"No news is good news..."

Except when it comes late because a consult or specialist was needed.

I am trying not to be scared shitless. Failing.

Send me good medical mojo if you can friends, please. Apparently I need it.


  1. Girl, you SO have it. I'm passing all my lucky medical maramojo on to you.

  2. *Warm* be the caring thoughts and prayers ............ (i.e., from all of your worried friends, me included) ............ that gently SURROUND you now, Tashi.

  3. Hi- Just wishing you good luck. I've been reading this blog since it first appeared on STFUConservatives, and your bravery regularly impresses me.

    I sent you guys a surprise yesterday- should show up sometime tomorrow. And I sent you an email about something else I might be able to do to help. Write me back if it'd be useful for you.

    Consider it a small token of thanks for teaching me a lot about life and a lot about what love looks like, even in the worst possible circumstances.