Sunday, June 5, 2011


Dealing with some health issues of my own right now.

Trying hard to stay positive in the midst of "We don't know" and "Just one more test" "Results might take another 3 days..."


Tiny, tiny bit of good news; we heard from a "friend" ( don't hang out much but he calls and checks in on the two of us) and he has said that he has been looking and is trying to get us a few new *mature* plants to replace in our torn-down garden! At this point, I'm not even that picky with what variety of bush they are, but am happy he thought of us and wants to try and help.

Really really trying to think cheerful happy thoughts today. I'm trying not to be sad, depressed, or mourn. I want to cuddle with my cats and just try and ... try to just get through today.

Also, I could so use a good cuddle with a puppy (or a dog who still think's he is one).
I love my kitties, of course, but sometimes I just miss having a good long cuddle with a happy big dog.

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  1. Oh, Tashi, I wish that I could just "wave my magic wand," and WILL my first cousin's big, (110-lb.!!), *happy*, chocolate-brown dog "Sam" in Texas ............ (i.e., a shelter dog, whom my cousin surmises is a Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees mix) ............ to spend some *cuddle time* with you. You would just love her Big Ol' Lovable Lug Sam, with his very soulful, understanding eyes!!

    'Thinking of you (and praying for you) as you await your own Test Results now, too ............