Thursday, June 2, 2011


I will probably get the 'Con pics all uploaded and most of our adventures written up tomorrow/this weekend. You will drool over my pic of Adam Baldwin. The man... he is like a tree. Tall, solid, hard... mmm. He's on my list. My right hand has also touched Wil Wheaton. Thankfully, I have an awesome understanding husband who doesn't get jealous at my melting over peeps like them and Aaron Douglas.

Today I'm just dealing with the fallout from yesterday's good-news MRI with Wash (emotional roller-coaster, but he will get through it) and his physical needs. He has woken up very early for him for the past two days (functional, dressed, and walking by 8am) so he is needing a lot of rest for his body and brain today.
We're watching Galaxy Quest right now, then probably the newest Star Trek and Ratatouille later on. The latter came as a nice gift yesterday from a reader who also has pet ratties. Wash wanted to pass along they are the cutest pet names he's heard. I'm an animal person and have had friends who have had pet rats growing up, so I think fondly of them. They're terrifically smart little rodents. However, I think if we were to bring one around Leto might get a little too interested in 'playing' and that would be bad.

I'm also needing a little cheer today. I've been waiting so gorram impatiently for some news (and I'm hoping it's good news) and instead of a clear answer or a date when I can get an answer, I find out I have to wait AGAIN just to check. Sorry if this is a bit unclear, it's just easier to be vague than write 30 pages of frustration. I might know something Fri, or maybe Sat, or maybe Mon.
I'm a terrible impatient person at heart. One of the biggest issues I have been trying to improve on my whole life is patience. I don't think I really started to learn what that meant until I really was doing body-modification in my teens.
So, I'm here pretty much stuck next to Wash today and have little to distract my mind from turning and twisting and giving me more fears. Hence, Galaxy Quest. This movie is beyond awesome and funny to me, actually more so after I've had the Con experience. I love not only the cast- including all the small bits and actors I recognize who don't even have lines! I truly love the play between all the actors and the character in a character in this film.

I'm also finishing up giving some driving lessons to a friend so that has helped to keep me occupied for a bit this week as well. That and kitty snorgling.

I hate uncertainty and I'm impatient. Two strikes against me for this week.

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  1. #1 I am super jealous over you meeting Jane, errrr I mean Adam Baldwin! Sigh... I so wanted to go to Phx Comic Con.. next year! Can't wait to see

    #2.. you guys hang in there! BE KIND TO YOURSELVES! You have a TON of people sending all kinds of positive vibes your way. BTW, I am going to (hopefully) buy my kick butt camera and I am going to take photos of people who depend on Arizona and have been FUCKED by Arizona. I am thinking of stealing your title of a blog post, F You Jan Brewer. I want to post photos of Brewer's "expenditures" i.e. disabled children, children of working poor, adults with special needs, senior citizens, childless adults who are DYING and NEED the medical care and SEND it to the Prez, To Brewer, to the Media... I want the world to see the "leeches" for who we really are... humans. Humans who are vulnerable. Humans who need help. Game???