Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Bun

For now I will allow comments on this post; if they get unintellectual I will disable it.

I was awake for it last night. Having a later time zone can be advantageous sometimes.

I saw the coverage, heard the President's speech and the pundit heads talking.

I thought of my friends who have fought or are fighting in the past decade from this.

I thought of my friends who lost loved ones in the Towers.

I thought of my friends who lost loved ones in the Wars overseas.

I thought of the schools burned down.

The girls covered in acid from trying to take advantage of "Freedom".

I think of soldiers and civilians who will never walk again, never feel "whole".

I think of the orphans of this- those from "our side" and from "theirs".

I think of the attention diverted from the American Citizens dying at home.

I think of the Depression our country is in.

I think of the billions and trillions spent on War, Death, Fire... and I think about myself and my husband- dying unnoticed in America.

There will be no headline in the paper "Jan Brewer's policies lead to 26 year old's tragic brain cancer death!"
There are no funds for dying over here.
There is no money for our local schools, or our local seniors, homeless, or shelters.

The past 10 years still exist.
The dead remain silent.
The towers are still gone.
The pain still exists.

I have Asperger's.
I do not understand what "Justice" is supposed to mean.

..."When Death and War are the answer, look for a new question."

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