Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Resigned Sigh

No go.

Insurance as of today is still denying to pay for Wash's MRI and Dr office visit.

Apparently according to the Dr office front ladies (Who we LOVE and adore, they go out of their way to always try and help us) they spent almost an hour trying to get Wash in for his org scheduled scan.
S. who was in this morning said the guy over at the insurance company was "quite rude" to her when she was pointing out that they (AHCCCS) fraked up and the patient shouldn't suffer for it. B. who was in last night and the afternoon is also going to try again in a few hours to see if Wash can still get in for a scan this week.

Poor Wash. This is just not good for him in really any way.

Until society regards Healthcare as a Human Right this will keep happening.
Seems almost out of a skit show on TV but this is real life. This is OUR life.

"Hi, Dr X here, need to schedule..."
"Computer says 'No'."
"Ok, but I'm this patient's doctor and I'm placing an order for..."
"Computer says 'No'."
"Patient HAS insurance. I've put in the Prior-Auth!"
"Hmm... *types* ... computer says 'No'." *Coughs*


  1. 'So *discouraging* TO the two, kind, tirelessly-working Front Desk ladies, (S. and B.), in the Neuro-Oncologist's Office ............ TO Wash's Neuro-Oncologist herself ............ TO you, Tashi, as you bravely try to protect and advocate for your beloved husband; and (most importantly) ............ TO poor Wash, as he suffers even more physically and psychologically ............ than he (objectively and compassionately) needs to.

    If there's no *timely* satisfactory solution (imminently) forthcoming----i.e., about the needed MRI----maybe those in the very *top positions* in Wash's Medical Care Management will "GO UP THE LADDERS" (in AHCCCS Insurance Management and/or AHCCCS Medical Care Management) ............ on behalf of their patient Kevin "Wash" Pratt-King.

  2. Wow. I just came across your blog...and I am aghast that this can happen to you. I work in Canada in a research part of cancer centre hospital lab and this, to me, is breach of proper care and denial of basic service. I did not realise that things like this could be denied. In Canada we may have to wait a while, but they happen, if a doctor orders it...
    Who can we write to? What can we do to help make some noise?
    I hope with all my heart that you can find someone with the clout to make things change.

    I jsut wanted to say: You are an amazing woman. What you do and make do with is incredible...please don't give up. What you and your husband have from what I've read is worth every fighting breath.