Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Short-Takes Petal Power

Police came over yesterday and took a full theft report. They did not seem that hopeful either that our personal things would be recovered.

It's not summer in Arizona. Even if I get full mature plants put in, there's no way I will have a growing season this year.

I wish Alan Tichmarsh or Ty Pennington would show up or the like- "Hullo, we hear your garden was destroyed, let's make a new one for you two!"

Poor Wash. He is not talking as much right now, and I know this is hurting him a lot. He just doesn't want me to feel even more burdened.

Mostly paperwork this week to make sure insurance stays in order. Though, with Arizona even if my paperwork is perfect and filed correctly and on time they can still tell us to Fuck-Off and Die.

I have to hope that somewhere along the lines of automation and "profits" perhaps there will be a human who can also recognize that wanting to live, the most base directive of life, is not "wrong" for my husband and I to want.
It's not "wrong" that my 26 year old husband wants to live.
It's not "wrong" that we are poor.

I think what is WRONG is my state and my government making me choose between medication and life, or money TO live.

Repeat, sigh.


  1. hey your not the only one I know a guy who can't get treatment just because of the area he lives in... if he moved a mile up the road he could get the treatment.... its stupid.... just hang in there

  2. Tashi, when I read this quotation from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, I thought of your & Wash's passion....(i.e., your *true, genuine passion*)....for gardening:
    "Our passion are the true phoenixes; when the old one is burnt out, a new one rises from its ashes."

    Even----*even*----something like the Police coming over to your place yesterday; and taking a full Theft Report, (despite their not seeming that hopeful that your personal things would be recovered), is............ a small part *OF*............ that phoenix RISING, you know.

    Your & Wash's garden----(i.e., your *REAL* "garden")----can never-ever really be destroyed, you know. I have the greatest hope that your garden out the back, (i.e., beyond your large glass doors), will also come back, too.

    Your next garden out the back will be changed and NOT, of course, the same as it was; but it will certainly be............ *STRONGER*, though, because of what it's (very sadly) been through.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you & Wash, every single step of the way.