Friday, May 13, 2011


Yesterday through "gross error" some company hired by our prop man. comp came to clean out an abandoned unit.... and they got ours by "mistake". The only way this can happen is if the person in charge just plain ignored our lit and very visible address and unit number. And ignored all the evidence that our place is very clearly not abandoned.
I am beyond words. Thank goodness I have excellent locks; they just took everything from our backyard they could carry. (From what I gather they might have tried to gain access inside as well, but again, good locks.)

Then razed my garden and covered the ground with weed/plant killer.

So, all my plants are gone, our furniture, my tomato cages, watering hoses and buckets,ornamental glass bowls (antique given to me by my dead grandmum) .... and the absolute worst is they completely destroyed Wash's garden. As in the raised garden he made for me for our first date anniversary. The LAST thing he built at all (and for me) before he got sick with cancer- and it has been destroyed.
If you are a regular reader then you can grasp this. I often am in the harvesting seasons posting pics of my plants and bounty from it; my top moment was a 6 lb watermelon I grew last year- in Arizona! I had grown corn the year before.
My garden was like a living part of my heart.

The landlady is very upset and sorry for us as well- she knows us. This was a different company then she usually uses. Says they can pay to replace and replant stuff.
It's not the same. Not at all.

I want the bowl my (dead) grandma gave to me. I want the plant that I have had alive since 2006- also my grandmother's plant which again, was my connection to someone who passed. I want my clothesline back- it was the original one from the 1980's at my parents' first home. That cannot be replaced.

Agh. My heart just aches. It seems so gorram unfair that it's like, can't even go a DAY without being fucked over.

This really has not helped at all with me mentally. I am afraid to leave the house now. My overall fear and anxiety has rocketed up again.

Gods. Sucks.


  1. OMG, I am so sorry to hear this. This really sucks. OMG...

  2. OMG!! Just exactly what you don't need right now. I would be LIVID, and totally freaked out, too. (Fellow Aspie - I love me some order and predictability, and I hate it when my stuff is messed with, let alone destroyed or carried off.) I'm so sorry this happened to you. With any luck they'll be able to track down at least some of the things that were taken. :(

  3. O.H., M.Y. G.O.D., Tashi!! After reading this earlier, I am still simply stunned. Since this happened just yesterday, your landlady should really *PRESS* this different company (than she usually uses) to actually RETRIEVE the material objects............ (i.e., your outdoor furniture; your tomato cages; and your watering hoses and buckets; but most particularly your antique ornamental glass bowls, given to you by your Grandmum, and your clothesline that was from your parents' first home in the 1980s)............even if the men from the company have to go TO a landfill and SEARCH, with their "bare hands", for your things. (As you know, with your being in Forensic Anthropology, nowadays they can pretty accurately "pinpoint" Unload-Areas, by company/date/time, in most landfills).

    The living things, (particularly your Grandmum's special plant from 2006), are probably irretrievable, at this point in time; but, (and this is just "me"), with the other things............ I'd be inclined to............ *G.O. A.F.T.E.R. 'E.M.*, you know.

  4. This is so horrible! How could they not recognize that they had the wrong place and that this was most certainly not an abandoned home?!? Do you think it is out of the question to take legal action?

  5. Sorry to hear about your devastating loss.

  6. I am not a regular reader, but was pointed to this via I am so sorry for your loss. Know that many people around the world are sending prayers and positive thoughts your way as a result of your friend. Good friends last even through horrible things like this :-/.

  7. Holy fuck. I am sitting here with my mouth open.

    I wish I were there so I could go after the Manglement of that company for you.

  8. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

  9. Wow, I don't know what to say to make you feel any better. A lot of your heart and passion are gone. I am sorry.

  10. I found your post through reddit as well and am heartbroken for you. I don't think there's anything I can do for you here in New York- just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you. I hope you get your things back from those assholes!

  11. Hello, I am sorry for your loss. I have a teen with autism and do understand just how distressing this must be. I think perhaps you should take a legal approach and hire a lawyer. Then you would get some help retrieving your lost items and a financial remedy for replacement. I know it is in no way good enough but perhaps having the ability to purchase new plants and decor would at least make a tiny bit of difference.