Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just a tease

So today we got to chat with Aaron Douglas (Tyrol) from BSG/ every other Sci-Fi show. Wash was overjoyed and I got a compliment on my Starbuck the Riveter "So Say We All" shirt. And perhaps developed a little crush on him...

We also got to chat for a while with about half of the crew from "The Guild"; really a fun and caring crew. I even interacted with people!
I got RK M from to do a quick Choo-choo Bear sketch for me. Other odds and ends and autographs.

Of course, biggest moment for us today was meeting Mr. George Takei.

So, rest for a while, eat and then dress and back we will go tonight for Geek Prom.

You can see more pics I have up on my twitter feed here;


  1. Fabulous, just *F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S*, guys!!

    I looked at all of the neat links within your Blog entry; and----even though this was probably unintentional----Wash's second picture, (Above) ............ where he's holding the picture of you two posing with Mr. George Takei, i.e., with the #10 ceiling lights, (including the one at the top of Wash's left ear!!), SHINING THROUGH the red curtain ............ is just SO ............ Star Trekkian *otherworldly*, you know!! W.H.A.T. A. G.R.E.A.T. S.H.O.T.!!

    Have a *wonderful* time at the Geek Prom tonight; and just (*romantically*)----dance the night away together!!

  2. First off, THIS post made me smile. You both look so happy, especially Wash. I love it! You both deserve some time to enjoy being HUMAN, being MARRIED and being YOUNG and NOT just focusing on cancer.

    Secondly, Love George Takei! He's kick azz!

  3. You guys are so cute in these photos. My sister took my 4-year old niece to one of these events not too long back, and apparently Katee Sackhoff took a real shine to her. My sister was actually jealous cause my niece got to have the longest conversation with the actress and even got picked up by her for the photo. :)