Friday, February 18, 2011



OH my Lords of Kobol!! I'm FINALLY getting a vacation/honeymoon with Wash!!!
The parents worked with me and the doctors and Wash and I are going away (locally) to a nice resort for 7 days.
I'm still in shock. Gotta make sure Wash lives to enjoy it with me.

We have a week in a lovely place up in Flag. A full suite. Bedroom, living room, jacuzzi tub in the bath, full kitchen and dining room in suite... and we are close to the Grand Canyon Railroad which Wash ADORES.

So now I'm excited and nervous for it. Is that normal? I haven't had a day off, no "weekend" for me for about two years now. As excited as I am getting for this I am also so aware of everything that could go wrong before, or during. It's hard to be the responsible one and to have to try to NOT think of all the horrid things that could go wrong and instead try to focus on the good and making something to remember - in case this is all I have of him.

Our original Honeymoon was a 2 night stay at a wonderful little B&B. We had always intended to save and go for a nicer and longer trip "in the future" - well, the future became Cancer and all the "fun" that came with that.

So now there's a chance for a week to ignore that and pretend we are just normal newlywed 20 somethings- happy and hopeful. We can pretend. Maybe for that week I'll convince myself.


  1. Just one word, Tashi & Wash: *F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S*!!

  2. Very nice! Have a great time and enjoy!

  3. Enjoy with every ounce of your being!