Thursday, February 24, 2011

Outside the Box

So Wash found/got out an OLD game that is like a space version of "Monopoly".

I took a look at it and we've decided to mod it out a bit and make it into our own Firefly-based board game.
He's been happily sketching various ships and a firefly of his own for the evening.

It's been harder for him to speak correctly today, mixing his words a lot of aphasia, but he dealt with it fairly well. I was not as patient as I needed to be through the whole day, but getting our neighbours to quiet down helped.

So we make and play our own Sci-Fi /Fan games. He's 26, a geek, and dying. What else is there to do?
... I say this as the same person as well who still has some 40K mini's to assemble and paint. I spend my time the best I can, making him smile and laugh and forget the pain.

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