Friday, December 24, 2010

Pass it on

So, I don't really buy "new" clothes. New undies and socks yes, but I've bought most of my clothes second-hand since Wash first got sick and stopped working.
My parents taught me from an early age that there are always people who are less fortunate than we are, no matter how low it gets. They taught me that sometimes giving up some "luxuries" for a period to be able to give something to others was a just cause.
I normally do an "adopt an angel" from the Salvation Army tree - I take the savings I would have had on the difference from new clothes to used and provide a kid or two with gifts for Christmas.

I didn't this year; I honestly just was not sure of funds and I didn't want to make a promise to a kid that I couldn't keep.
About a week ago I had an idea; take the extra funds left from some gift cards we had laying about ($3, $6 etc) and buy whatever little toys we could. Wash and I did just that the other day. We brought them down to our local Fire station and the guy's face just lit up as we dropped them off. Our city has quite a number of needy families this year, and not as many donations. Sure $6 would get me 2 gals of gas, but it also means that a child can believe in santa/miracles/magic for just a little longer.

Living with Wash helps to change and focus my perspective. Some times the present is just as important as what the future might be. Adulthood and maturity are a time for worry and cynicism, not childhood.

It makes me happy to know I put joy, even just a little, into the world.

Maybe it will catch on.

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