Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heavy weight

There is a lot of shit-talking going around my State right now about health care, and funds, and who should live or die- and who really is getting to make those decisions.

I just wonder...

Do you all think that Wash wanted brain cancer? That he chose to have a softball sized tumor in his head? That somewhere along the line he went, "Oh awesome I just got married and am close to graduating college with a high degree- now I really want to fuck it all up and permanently loose my memories?"
He was not covered by his parent's health care. I did not get insurance through my job. We used the campus health services. We used the community health services.
Not one of them caught the cancer or tumor before it hit stage 4.

There was a 1 in 43 million chance of this happening. How do you prepare for something like that?

I'm waiting for a 'charity' to step up and provide us income for a year. Or some Church. That is what my State and its representatives have told me. They won't help, the Federal government won't help (too young and no children- sucks that you're infertile, you get to be poor too!) there has been no "community" - aside from what I beg for. I still remember the AHCCCS judge saying to me back in May, "We can do nothing for you, have you thought about moving to Canada?"

My own State would rather me be another country's problem.

We are young.
We have no children.
We cannot work.
We do not receive assistance outside of food stamps. Starvation is a worse death for him.
Our State turned us away at every turn for help.

Why do Republicans and Conservatives say this is my/our fault?

How many young 20 somethings from a lower-class background working through college have $700,000.00 set aside for medical care, operations, hospitalizations, medications, Hospice, bills, joblessness/ inability to work, self sufficient funding for the rest of your shortened cancer stricken life?

I say "Help, please?"

"Cancer? Poor? Fuck you."

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  1. Now, now. The state of Arizona might save a whole four and a half million dollars by refusing such things as organ and stem cell transplants. That's valuable, you know, so that those tax cuts for the wealthiest can be preserved. Can't take too good care of the rich folks!

    /heavy bitter sarcasm