Saturday, December 25, 2010


Slept in for an hour-ish in my glorious flannel sheets.
Woke up to cuddles with my still alive for another day husband, and a kitten that climbed under the covers and a cat that nuzzled with us on top.
Coffee was made for me, and while I made Wash a cuppa tea, I also had a chance to slip the last stuff into his stocking!

We're watching Dr Who- halfway through Smithmas- and I will be baking sweet orange rolls and bacon when it's over. Then, presents and a few people we love stopping by in the afternoon.

This is literally my first Christmas where I have called the shots, and been able to spend it as I want to.
It is so far stress-free and just... relaxing beyond words.

I wish the same joy, peace, and love to you all today, regardless of anything. Peace, joy, and love to all humanity out there.

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