Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Christmas

Beaming over here.

GREAT evening. We went over and did a Christmas evening with friends.
They all LOVED their gifts, and my friends got me a Calphalon cake/dessert cookware and storage set. So I can bake cakes, brownies etc and have the Calphalon tupperware too! It's so lovely and perfect and very useful. I'm happy.

We trimmed another tree as a group, and played some fun board games. Even made some good hot chocolate.
It was fun, I laughed, and Wash assures me I did not make any social mis-steps tonight so I even feel a little bit good about going out to socialize.

It's a good day.

And I still have Wash at the end of the day. I really cannot ask for more.


  1. Hurrah -- I'm glad you had a nice time. Have a fantastic holiday.

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