Monday, December 6, 2010

The Golden Path

This shall be brief as I still have to do my last class and turn in my two papers today. Also, kickass and go me for getting my Finals done and whatnot!

So, I got a call from the gal who manages the donations the Fraternity (Alpha Rho Chi APX) and a bunch of you kind people under the auspices of a wonderful blog donated a large chunk to us. I am still mostly speechless, so I will compose myself and write more on this later.
Right now I'm just amazed by the kindness of strangers and the thankfulness I have. You all are taking the worry off for about two months; utilities, heating, a portion of Wash's medication, Doctor Co-pays, Gas to get to the hospital, Warm hats for Wash, socks for me, cat food...

The relief of not having to worry about some things, at least for a little while, it's one of the best gifts I could get right about now.

So, this Hannukah/Christmas so far I have gotten to celebrate crossing the 13 month mark with no tumor recurrence for Wash, booked my birthday appointment for the Gal's Salon day (and even the Wash-sitting is taken care of!) got pumpkin pie, 2 new tires, and a load of stress taken off me financially so I can focus on the mountain of paperwork I have to fill out affirming that Wash is still alive, but still dying of cancer so he needs medical insurance.

I'll have more to say later, but for right now please accept my humblest thanks to all the donors who have sent help.
Thank you.


  1. You guys have had so much go wrong for you. I'm glad you guys had something wonderful like this happen. I know my cancer is a tiny rock compared to Wash's mountain, but I know that a non-stressful period can go a lonnnnng way.


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