Friday, June 11, 2010

Wash on Disability/Handicap

I've found a way around looking at handicaps: It's not a handicap: It's a varying ability. Some people can play piano with a talent I could only dream of, some organize, some can stand bravely in front of a crowd and speak. There is no stigma attached to not being the quarterback at football, consequently there is none for any one of our mental abilities, either.

I can still accomplish things that others would blanch with fear, likewise there are some things that most people can handle with ease that I can't anymore.

They're all spectrums, rather than absolutes. "Handicap" is an arbitrary marker on that spectrum. I'm considered handicapped because my endurance is far lower than others. But I just have less endurance.

How we stabilize ourselves is just another spectrum, whether our imaginations overwhelm our senses, or not. Whether we're conscientious or unburdened, marks whether we're "handicapped" or "Disabled."

I look at it as I'm just not as good at it as another given person. No stigma.

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