Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And the Week's Only Half Done...

Evening folks! It's Wash writing this entry,

Wow, just... wow.

Earlier this week, I appeared voicing my opinion on ABC news, but it seems coincidence... no, Providence has taken a hold of Television.
Watching the 5 o'clock news showed one of my friends has gone missing since Monday, and I was set to meet up with both his wife and himself tomorrow morning.
Tonight, watching In Plain Sight, one of the guest characters died of a Grade IV brain tumor. That assuredly strikes a little close to home as she tried to make an impact with her last few breaths. I can sympathize.
Then, in the trailer for the following episode, the guest of the episode has Asperger's Syndrome, really getting to Tashi.
This keeps up, we may never turn the TV on again.

But as for this weekend, it would appear I was somewhat of a hit at the Open Mic night. At least, the heckler that bugged everyone before me left me alone. Maybe he was tired, maybe the terminal nature of my illness shut him up.
I found the experience cathartic, though. It's freeing to admit these things to the world, and letting myself plus a room full of strangers know that despite the fact that I'm dying, I still have my eloquence and stage presence. Some days not much else, but stand-up and speaking hold no heavy fear for me. It helps myself and others deal with an Elephant in the room that dying of cancer sometimes creates. It's out there and open. I have to be comfortable with it. So I was able to. It's my outlook.
If I can't even laugh at myself, cancer wins. I'm not gonna let cancer win.

Life is short. So don't take it seriously, none of us get out of it alive. 'Night everyone!

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