Monday, June 28, 2010

Scientifically Researched

Leto the little Duke is just darling. He has such a cute face and might even be a longhair! We still are giving him little daily baths/washes as he can't quite get it all himself.

It is just so good to see Wash happy. And this little guy makes him so so happy. He is smiling and he even decided last night he wanted to go off his anti-depressants. I'm ok with this; I've always allowed him body freedom with his medications. He is still an adult and still able to make those specific decisions and if he wants to feel less muted or drugged, I'm ok.

I am trying to take comfort of my own in the little purrs that come by my ear and the fact that he follows us everywhere and is imprinting on us. I have the time right now since I am at Stay At Home Caretaker/Wife to help him in his kitten infancy. Another few weeks and he will be big enough to do things on his own, we can cap his claws then and work on starting to introduce him to Aelphie. Gonna take it reaaaaal slow on that front as she is a cat... well... Wash says I have given my cat Aspergers too. I told him that's utter bullshite and she just has a very non-personable personality, but meh. She only tolerates me, and sometimes Wash. Whereas Leto is very very very happy to come over for attention and pets and love and he will cuddle on our lap, shoulder, back, chest, head, anywhere he can climb to. He even likes his little belly rubbed.
I'm going to be interested to see how they interact as they get older. Small greyish female cat and orange male kitty; by the size of his paws though he might be a big cat when he gets all grown.

Wash has been taking care of my garden while I stay in bed and don't frak up my knee even more. Some things are not doing well with our extreme heat this month (over 110F) but the majority of my garden should be fine and I expect a large number of tomatoes still. Peppers too. And the mint is unkillable!

We cleaned the bedroom really well this morning and I have been working on my bathroom too. I hope to try and keep this place clean and tidier; it's hard when I have Wash to deal with and his literal inability to see dirt/messes. I just always do my best.

Had some good family bits/news the other day. Small but every step forward is still something worthwhile to me.
Also had dinner with my cousin the other night, and it was really great to spend some time with a supportive member. She also gave Wash some ideas and he is trying to help her create some water features and improvements in her garden. I'm excited and again, it's always great to see him to happy.

Another Leto photo as he is just nom-able and kittens on teh internets=win.

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