Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have insurance again.

Thanks be.

So far I have had to call and yell at my insurance company 3 times in the past day to get them to correct and update their files, but I have health insurance again.
This has been a battle for me really since Feb of this year.
Which is great as they decided to post-date my insurance I will simply bill them for the cost of my most recent trip to the ER; so far $1100 and counting.
I warned them. Back in April and May I called and begged to have medical coverage while in appeals and they denied me. I informed them it would be less costly to have me get preventative care and maintain my medication... they said no. So now the state ends up paying thousands more for my care since I had to do an ER run(s) instead of just seeing my own doctor and getting a surgical referral.

But, I've at least got the ball rolling again for me, and soon I will be back at the dosage I need to be functional, then life gets better on a day to day basis.
There's just always so much to do, and not always the human power to do it!

I'm trying to make this a good week. I want a good week. I want Wash to enjoy life as he's coming off his chemo and able to be... "almost human" again.

So, since our local Browncoats aren't doing a show 'til the end of September we decided to host a little costume / CSTS event for Joss' birthday this weekend. I'm excited and plan this year on going as Inara or perhaps another companion. My hair is getting nice and long and curly, I have a gorgeous sari to wear... I could work it. Wash has yet to decide what to go as; I've told him he can't do the bluehands again (he did it 2 years ago). Could go as Cap'n Tightpants, or maybe Washburne, put him in his hat and boots he could even pull off a Jayne.
I'm excited and it'll be a good chance for him to see his friends and socialize.

Thanks to Netflix I am also now getting caught up on the 9th Doctor's adventures. Most excellent. I do miss my ginger Doctor, but that's a Time Lord for ya. Never staying the same.
I would leave in a nanosecond with Wash if the TARDIS appeared.
Maybe someday he will see the stars...

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