Monday, June 7, 2010

this will be brief sorry. I'm on quite a heavy dose of painkillers.

Wash's MRI came back today all kinds of good and clean. His brain is looking nice, the scar tissue is not growing at all, and the holes and pools left from his surgery are also reducing at last a bit.
Means that though he will never be 'better' or the same as he was, he will probably not be getting any worse right now.

No new tumours. So now I have a good chance of seeing my husband around for another year, maybe even two.

while we were down at the hospital my knee which had been growing more pained over the last week finally had enough and wouldn't support my weight or move. 3 hours later and my patella has not been re-broken so I am being sent off to a specialist who will see if I need either rehab again for my knee or surgery this time.

so, i'm taking it easy physically this week, and Wash is happy to be alive and still as capable as he is, so i'm trying to focus on the good.

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