Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sad State

Medical costs for me (so far) in June 2010; Rx costs $551.75 ER and Surgical costs $1133.50 and I'm waiting for two more bills still. $1685.25 that the taxpayers of AZ now face to pay from me because my insurance company would not keep me on and let me continue preventative medicine. I called this one back in May.

I begged and appealed to keep medical insurance. I cried to keep my antidepressants so I could stay sane and functional. "It's policy and there's nothing we can do. Have you thought about moving to Canada?"

I called and said, "I will be put in the hospital without my medications! What's cheaper a thousand dollar hospital bill or the $40 you pay to my doctor to see me for 15 mins a month?"

Well Arizona, your "policy" just cost you about 1700$. It that a high enough cost to change the policy? Or do you need my husband to die still before things change?

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