Saturday, February 6, 2010


pain pain pain pain.

i am also so distended in my stomach area, and can't get comfy and it sucks and hurts. i have good strong painkillers but it's such a deep pain.

I'm really worried since the pain has increased that it might now be infected as well. I really don't want to go to the ER tomorrow.
But I want it out. HURTS.

The deal for me is that if Wash is going to look after me post-op I have to live downstairs for the recovery- no taking the stairs for me. Which means the inflatabed for me and the couch for him. I hate sleeping alone now- or, should I say, I hate sleeping without him now.

Doing some basic gardening planning as to what I'm adding and planting this spring [next few weeks]. Wash is getting one new W40K monster class, so he's really really happy. And he has more time to work on his hobbies now- things that make life worth it.

In theory J. [older sibling] is coming over for brunch / lunch on Sun too. We can finally give him his xmas gift- that the last one we had to deliver.

Time to lie down now. thank you.

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