Friday, February 19, 2010


137 lbs is my weight now.
Cripes. I don't snack anymore [nothing I am allowed to eat] and I'm, not eating more than maybe 800 k/cal a day if I'm lucky. It's hard on this restricted diet. I'm hoping my doc will change it when I get my next check-up Monday.

I can see my ribs again. My hips stick out. Hip-bones even visible when I lie down. It's been a while since that's happened. 130 lbs on me looks "scary" to Wash- he likes me curvier around 140 or so. I'm actually wondering if this will be what helps me really manage my weight. I'm also hoping that the burn I feel after every time I eat will go away as I fully heal.

Our Health Insurance is being just awful and trying to cancel me - somehow the $4.25 I have in the bank account is "too much income" for me to get insurance. o_0????
So, lots of fighting with them. Good news is that we finally got our approval for Food Stamps so we will get around $200 ish a month to help with food. YAYS!

Took a walk today- about 80 mins to walk roughly one mile- lots of rests too (our for almost 3 hours!). This is like, the second time I've been out of my house or the hospital in 3 weeks. A little too overstimulating for me, but I'm taking a nap soon.

Trying to work on the garden this weekend- get more planters and soil to put my new seeds down and I'm trying to pick up some more seedlings to plant. Oh! I also have my last Big Boy tomato to pick from the winter growing season today/tomorrow. About the size of a fuji apple- can't wait to taste it. Also my herbs have all taken off- parsley, dill, basil, oregano, sage, marojam... trying to learn how to infuse them with oils so we can cook with them. Wash wants to learn to cook more and I always like to do more things with him.

He is also happy BBQ season approaches. Ha.

Annnnd naptime.

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