Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How To Smile

Had a fraking BUSY day yesterday. Took Wash (well, I went. Still not driving myself) to his dr appts- he got a new infusion IV cocktail to help with this stronger Chemo he takes 5 days a month now. I hope it helps. We also invested in some other anti emetics for him and it's helping the quality of life for him.

So, one Dr appt down, then I had a long ass talk with our insurance people; got an immediate medical extension for us both (since we have ongoing medical costs) to the end of March- and I just have to resubmit paperwork before March 1st to activate us for the rest of the year through Nov 2010. I'm taking care of it. His new chemo meds cost more too; I estimate now it's between $8k-$15k a month for us in Dr visits, prescriptions, and his cancer treatments.
Hell, my emergency surgery may cost upwards of 20K! I don't even make that in a year (anymore).

Running around town back and forth- to my Dr's in the afternoon- good news there though. I am totally normal and healing. No incision infections, scarring up well he says, and all the symptoms I am still having are normal and should go away within 1-2 months. I should be back to full strength and normal in 2-4ish more weeks. So, though it sucks I can't just be "better" NOW, I at least am not as worried or freaking out so much over my total lack of appetite and weird pains. And he says to just make sure I am walking and stretching my muscles every day.

Oh, just heard from the boss man, I'm going back for about 3 hours today to work; prolly that way for the rest of the week then if my boss hasn't really replaced me back to full schedule next week. I'm still scared to go in, but I do feel a bit better- when my boss called me back he was making some jokes- so I'm trying to relax and not just be in total fear of being fired.

Someone/thing managed to spill some kind of super resin/bond on my car's windshield. There's a spot about the size of a quarter and I don't know how to get it off- I'm hoping an acetone might take it off. I'm pissed. I love my car man.

So, we have the big Student's against Brain Tumors' walk on Sat, and trying to do the Highland Games on Sun maybe as well. Wash's favourite celtic band is playing, so it could be fun. Plus I love my man in a kilt and he can wear his, always makes him happy.

We also had one of our married couple friends over last night for Games' Night and oh my lords it was fun. I really had a fun time and for the first time in a long ass while if not ever, when they left, I didn't feel like I had made a fool of myself, or said the wrong thing, etc. It's such a good feeling- man. Now I can sort of see why some people like to socialize.

We also got hit with a HUGE storm system yesterday, which was pretty. Lots of rain, a rainbow I saw, and I got to figure out how to get my garden covered when it flooded- key; use the giant umbrella we have for summer.

So, tonight one of Wash's frat brothers is coming over to help him with errands since I will be out and can't drive anyway. I'm happy and thankful we still have people around us who want to help. Then, if I can get a good solid nap in after work, going over to my mum's tonight for family dinner- taco night. Should be fun. I might even be able to eat!

I can face the challenges today. I can.

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