Monday, February 1, 2010


Spent from 4am- 1pm (ish) at the Hospital ER.

Oh, no, Wash is just fine. A little tired, but he's fabulous.

I have frakking gallbladder issues! Me!
A "sludgy" gallbladder frakking hurts. I passed out from the pain. I'm still now coming off the last dose of IV morphine they gave me around 11.
Best as I can remember it was just as bad if not maybe a bit worse than they miscarriage.
I really don't want a repeat, nor do I want to have to go back in tonight cause I still can't hold down liquids and it's frakin' me up.
They say I might have to have it removed if it doesn't improve.

From what I remember I was feeling pretty crappy last night, went to bed after midnight, woke at 2 something and was in the bath vomiting and contracting in muscle spasms til 4 something when I gave in to the pain and cried out for Wash to take me to the ER.
I don't remember too much in the waiting- I was cold and hurt. According to him I was crying, feverish, and vomiting. I really don't recall much until the nurse woke me putting my IV in and I didn't know where I was- Wash had to tell me. I knew that made sense, and then I think they gave me my first morphine dose and I was out. I woke next and my mom was there, and I spent the next few hours vomiting, dry heaving, getting anti-emetics and more morphine til they could CT my liver/ gallbladder.
Pesky little bugger. Wash assures me that I was quite polite to all my techs even drugged. Good to know.

Bright sides;
*Our insurance is pretty cool about ER visits- $0 and no co-pay. Also, all my meds [including more Zofran than they give Wash!] covered, again no co-pay.

*SSI is coming through for us at last so taking the few days off work the Dr recommended will not put us in the poor-house, get us evicted, or force us to go without food. Which, in the past since my past time income is our ONLY income, I would have gone right back to work tomorrow- regardless if I went back to the ER tonight or not!

*My mom came right over to the ER to keep Wash company. She then got my meds for me when I was discharged, and came over and did our dishes and took out the trash. Wash was sleeping since he had been up since 4-something with me but had not passed out / slept with the Dragon, like myself. So, he went to nap and my mom cleaned, gave me a very gentle hug and a good kiss and left. That's a really good thing.

And I'm about done with my endurance level for this today. Sleep.

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