Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday was a bad OCD/Aspie day. Best to forget it and move on.

I'm working an extra hour or so at work today- boss man is doing jury duty. I really hope I can make it.
I've been doing 3 hour days and then coming home not moving for an hour, then sleeping for 3. It exhausts me. And I hate that so much about myself right now. I'm trying hard to move on, move past it and accept that until I heal from a major operation I won't be at my best.
But for me, that's very very very hard.

It's been 27 days now without coffee, candy, or processed foods. As much as I *really* want to make it to the 30 day mark; I would stab someone for a bag of skittles right now. sigh.
However, I'm back to a size 8, and am within 5 lbs of my lowest adult weight. The horrific thing I noticed last night was that my arse no longer has cellulite on it. It's smooth and round. Crazy.

My older bro stopped by last night and hung out with us for a couple hours; he also noticed my 'new' figure. Complimented me on it and took some pics on his iphone to keep/show off? Eh don't know.
It was fun seeing him though and getting to catch up a bit. Good times.

Wash has started to feel the chemo now- his infusion lasted about 2/3 days. Poor guy, back to the other stuff to keep him from constantly vomiting. My poor love. I'm in the midst of trying to get a better paying job, or finding a way to work from home- he needs me here. And I want to be here spending as much time with him as I can- as much as we have left.

The Brain Tumor Walk is this Sat; we're both excited and he really can't wait to get out and see everyone come down to support him. I'm excited for that too.

Alright, time to go to work to fix 3 weeks of mess.

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